Bob Dylan  Nobel Prize Winner 2016 for Literature. Go to my Bob Dylan song analysis page to find out that Bob fully deserved to win this prestigious prize.

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— 07:24

Greetings Kees,

I was excited to read your analysis of 'I and I'. So good, how good, so good!
I too have had my life transformed by the gospel for the last 40 years and turning 60 this year with a bundle of blessings behind me.
Dylan has been one of my inspirations through life, look forward to reading more of your insights,
in the love of Jesus,

Ian Headley26-02-2017 00:20

Hello Kees

Nice web page you have. 🙂
I will soon come to the point, which is to find a nice, duch cover of "Make you feel my love".- Bob Dylan - on CD.
I found your page while looking for some help. A good, elderly friend of me - dutch - has been ill for several years, and of course he is very tired from this. And I think also he is so tired that it is difficult for him to connect with his own feelings.
So, I am thinking that I would like to find a beautiful cover of Dylans "Make you feel my love" - hoping and thinking it would do him good. His english is not so good, that is why I want a dutch cover. But as I do not speak/write dutch it is difficult for me to search for it on internet.
So - do you know a CD with a beautiful duch cover - may be sung by a woman?
I would be so happy if you could help me, and I think it would do a troubbled person good.
All the best from Synnev

— Synnev Høglund11-12-2016 09:30

Sir, I too am a Dylan "devotee". Read your analysis of "All Along the Watchtower", and it seems to be on target. The Thief and Joker on either side of Christ.

Visit my website,, is you get a chance.



— Daniel Briggs31-10-2016 20:17

Hallo Kees,
Tot mijn grote blijdschap heeft Bob Dylan de Nobelprijs gekregen. van harte gefeliciteerd Kees, Vr. gr. Arie Kamp.

— arie kamp14-10-2016 11:29

Hello Kees. I found your analysis of Dylan's "Series of Dreams" and wanted to share my own with you. Mine only concerns one (or possibly two) lines in the song; specifically the one(s) you highlight in the text- "... dreams where the umbrella is folded..." (and possibly the one that follows).

My contention is that the lyric(s) could refer to the infamous "Umbrella Man"; the individual cited as a possible signaler to the JFK assassins in Dealey Plaza.

Here is a link to a blog that collects songs that relate to the assass
-ination, and has provided a space for people to submit arguments for songs not yet included. Mine is the first one, expounding on the connection between an image of a *folded* umbrella and its significance in re: the events of November 22, 1963.

Hope you find something of interest in this idea.

Mark Weingartner

— Maark31-12-2015 21:47

Dear Kees , I had ` Ain`t Talking` on my mind all day and found your website and found it very much to my own heart ; to cut a long story short my age is 70 and I feel led to you by God . I was first led to Bob when I moved from England to Wales on his lyrics `I beleive in you ` off Slow Train Coming . Bob Dylan became my pastor on I Beleive in you . I commend you on your understanding of Bob`s lyrics , and being female and 70 I have no-one to share these thoughts with . I have various health problems ; my doctor has implied it may be cancer ; I would appreciate your prayers for my health as a brother .Many times I fell away from Jesus in my heart but have come back to repentance but there`s a scripture that still troubles me - Hebrews 6 ; 4-6 . I would appreciate your understanding of this scripture .
I would like to share with you a track called Angelina off The Bootleg series vol 3 . It was supposed to be included on Shot of Love ; a truly amazing song where he covers every line biblically ending it on Revelations , have you heard it , what do you think of it ?
I would appreciate your prayers as a brother in Christ ,
God Bless ,
Barbara .

— barbara williams26-11-2015 21:48

Hallo Kees

Ben jij geboren in Pijnacker?
Ben je de zoon van Wim en Rina?
Wat fijn dat je zo met het geloof bezig ben


— nelly kuling mosterd24-11-2015 17:56

Hi Kees,

i was trying to find you at facebook right now, seeing your articles may link there. i stumbled across your Soon After Midnight Analysis, good article, had to share it.

Best Wishes

— Johannes P Wilbrand11-11-2015 20:00

Dag Kees,
Ik typte bij Google de tekst in" komt allen tot mij die vermoeid en belast zijn".
Tot mijn verrassing kwam jouw site tevoorschijn.
Aangezien ik ook een Graaf ben en een neef Kees heb dacht ik hé
Kees een eigen site?
Nee niet neef Kees maar dat doet er niet toe.
Ik heb je site opgeslagen en zal hem zeker gebruiken/ lezen.
Wat positief om zo een getuige te zijn van onze Vader.
Zegen op je bediening.

Hennie van Hoven- de Graaf20-09-2015 12:36

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