Sometimes it feels like Bob Dylan says: "I practice a faith that's long been abandoned, ain't no altars on this long and lonesome road"

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“I haven’t been talking at all, if talking means speaking to others. I’ve been speaking only to
myself in my songs, my way of walking through this life”. A Dylan song is therefore best
understood as an artistic rendering of an extremely intimate self-conversation”. I liked your comments on the song AIN'T TALKING, and this last comment..I agree each song is an extremely intimate self-conversation, but as he said in STREET LEGAL, an unheralded beauty of prayers, JOURNEY THROUGH FALSE HEAT.."I fought with my twin, that enemy within, 'til both of us fell by the way...then I fought (a bit of self-pity here) with your Boss, who never knew about loss"

lani makholm11-05-2021 14:03

Best for Kees to stay away from the "Gates of Eden" and "Pressing On" ....the lyrics thereof trample on 'promises of paradise' in an afterlife, and Augustine's belated concept of
collective 'original sin'.

ie, You can do anything thing you wish to do but die
I got no choice Adam given the Devil reign

Larry Fyffe05-05-2021 13:22

Hello from near Baltimore Maryland USA but actually ELLICOTT City
I enjoy your sharing on Mr. Bob Allen Dylan (I call him BAD humorously for short). I think you deal with his prayer music poems very well especially you broad vision to see their context and his vision as echoing the voices and standing on the shoulders of others. So I appreciate your precise carefulness and that it is therefore done with love. Certainly it reflects Jesus relationship with Mary Magdalene who I consider after Jesus Christ be the second most person in history. As the disciples hovered in fear after Christ’s crucifixion she out of utter such pure passionate love was granted the greatest gift in all history. Jesus was suppose to go to the Father to present the Frits of his efforts of his process of incarnation, human living, crucifixiin, death, His 3 day walk thru Hades/Hell but He took a detour and felt this one 7 demon possessed human woman deserved this greatest gift to a human being in all history because she loved Him so as perhaps no one during his earthly ministry did. In other words she got Hin she got it as none of his other close followers did. When you live like that Christ will show Himself to you and depending on your capacity as the Shulminate lover Hus most intimate secrets. I think BAD’s secrets in his prayers music poems have been revealed to you and thus yiu have the capacity and wordsmiths craft to share this gift of love with us little folk around the universe and this little folk back here in Baltimore. So I say thank you. I originally wanted to ask if there is any symbolic significance to BAD’s referring to Baltimore as in THE LONESOME DEATH OF HATTIE CAROL; his cover in concerts if Tim Hardins sing THE LADY CAME FROM BALTIMORE; TRYING TO GET TO HEAVEN (Miss Mary Jane, the buggy riding around with her who also has a house in Baltimore? Any elucidation revelation on this aspect of BAD’s prayers coming you I would deeply appreciate and would certainly trust emphatically that the chimes of freedom and Truth would resonant. I do much prayer poem music analysis in prose but feel as Miss Emily Dickinson did the restrictions and shackles if prose so my natural river flowing bent are prayers musical poems and/or as Sappho might say simple sacrificial insential sweet savoury offerings to the gods. So please forgive my poor attempt at prose signs and symbols and sounds. Thank you for your valuable time, I Am serving you too, lani

Lani Elizabeth Makholm10-02-2021 17:25

Wow!! Very insightful & very well written... Geweldig! God bless you xx

Chloe Vierin16-12-2020 01:45

dag Kees,

je site met daarin ondermeer Dylan exegese ervaar ik als inspirerend.
ben daarnaast ook luisteraar van de VPRO Bobcast, en eerlijk gezegd hoop ik je in toekomstige aflevering te kunnen beluisteren.

daarnaast valt er natuurlijk op songs van zijn laatstverschenen Rough and Rowdy Ways weer heel wat exegese los te laten, en zie die met belangstelling tegemoet.

vriendeijke groet

Henk Demper

Henk Demper30-11-2020 11:05


Greetings from Canada. I appreciate your detailed and insightful analysis of Dylan's songs. I'm wondering if you ever plan to write an analysis of Blowin' in the Wind. 8-)

David30-08-2020 00:53

dignity --word for word has always suggested to me
dylans thoughts on john lennons death. first, the
melody is beatles-like. The many references to
an englishman are obvious links to lennon.
Englishman looking at his last meal...chapman, the
assassin is a fat boy. lennon thin. you may not
realize but the ny post pictured lennon shot--the
hollow man. It was just a few weeks before New Year's.
I think you should look again, and perhaps you will agree.

dan schwartz08-05-2020 17:11

Hallo Kees,

Ik weet niet of je je mij nog kunt herinneren, maar lang geleden heb ik van jou via Joop van de Graaf een map gekregen over Under the new sky van Dylan, welke ik nog steeds heb, en die mij mijn liefde voor Dylan en zijn teksten weer heeft doen oppakken, en waar ik nu elke dag nog naar luister (heb hem nu ook opstaan ), hoe laat dan ook nogmaals mijn dank daarvoor.
Ik moest direct aan je denken bij het aankondigen van zijn nieuwe album, we hebben nooit zoveel contact gehad, maar jou kennis is mij altijd bijgebleven. Dat wilde ik je nog even laten weten, ik dicht en ben creatief actief bezig, maar inspiratiebronnen zijn welkom.

Dank je nogmaals vo o r de Dylan trial.

Gr. Gerard

Gerard vanHeugten08-05-2020 15:49

Thanks a lot for your wonderful interpretations of Dylan!
I would highly appreciate your comments on “Not dark yet” ; in my view one of his best.

Willem03-04-2020 21:52

Making comparisons of Dylan lyrich to Christ's teachings is one thing; throwing in a bunch of doctrines along with it imposed by theological Councils is quite another.

Larry Fyffe01-03-2020 19:08

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