Sometimes it feels like Bob Dylan says: "I practice a faith that's long been abandoned, ain't no altars on this long and lonesome road"

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My thoughts on the rewrite of TO BE ALONE WITH YOU and QUEEN JANE from SHADOW KINGDOM. I can only be brief because of my business elsewhere.
1) if we understand TO BE ALONE WITH YOU rewrite, we will come close to understanding all his prayer songs and a bit of the man himself…because artist do put on personas and masques to convey a story..and Mr Dylan is a myth maker but that doesn’t mean the essence of his persona and myth making aren’t absolutely true. The most revealing line is ‘my heart is finally speaking with my mouth’…Thoreau a favorite of mine has a line that I have been musing on for some 55 years said “i would have been the poem I would have writ, but I could not live and utter.’ In Mr. Dylans ROUGH AND ROWDY…he says “he is sick of chasing lies..think it is I’VE MADE UP MY MIND TO GIVE MYSELF TO YOU’..this is a promising statement for a lover of Jesus and a man to make…the beginning of a real Jesus lover, man, and prayer song poet? The in QUEEN JANE he recites after appreciating all these marvelous creations along with some creative errors…’when all your advisers start to resent you’ and ‘you want someone you don’t have to speak to’ and you need someone now to protect you, won’t you let me protect you Queen Jane?’ Sounds a little like the line in MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE ‘when the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warm embrace’ Also in an interesting rewrite during a live performance, Mr. Robert Allen Dylan rewrote the last few lines of this legendary British ballad Barbara Allen. The emphasis of the song is always on Barbara Allen’s cold unloving unfeeling heart; however it is also clear when the gentleman toasts the other ladies in the pub that he has a wandering heart and set of eyes. But Barbara is always seen as the wicked one. The surprising and humble rewording comes at the end when they are buried along each other in their graves. The original lyric says ..a thorned rose vine came out of Barbara Allen’s heart, but Mr Dylan changes it to coming out of the man’s heart instead so the line reads and I hope I can paraphrase accurately—the thorny rose vine grew from his heart not hers and then a vine from her heart twirled around his prickly vine from whence grew a rose of eternity thank you
Lani from Baltimore

Lani Makholm27-10-2021 15:43

Beste Kees,

Ja! Ook ik ben een liefhebber van Bob Dylan.
Ken jij literair tijdschrift LITER? Volgens mij wel iets voor jou...


Steven van der Gaauw11-10-2021 14:48

Hi Kees, appreciate your articles.

While listening to on July 18, the (re-)wording of 'To be alone with you' was remarkable, to say the least, just thought I'd share it:

To be alone with you, just you and I
Under the moon, 'neath the star-spangled sky
I know you're alive, and I am too
My one desire is to be alone with you

To be alone with you, even for just an hour
In a castle high, in an ivory tower
Some people don't get it, they just don't have a clue
They wouldn't know what it's like to be alone with you

They say the night time is the right time to hold each other tight
All our wordly cares will disappear, and everything will come out right

I wish the night was here, make me scream and shout
I'd fall into your arms, I'll let it all hang out
I'll hound you to death, that's just what I'll do
I won't sleep a wink 'till I'm alone with you

I'm collecting my thoughts in a pattern, move it from place to place
Stepping out in the dark night, stepping into space

Oh what happened to me darling, what was it you saw
Did I kill somebody, did I escape the law

Got my heart in my mouth, my eyes are still blue
My mortal bliss is to be alone with you
My mortal bliss is to be alone with you


Kees19-08-2021 19:44

“I haven’t been talking at all, if talking means speaking to others. I’ve been speaking only to
myself in my songs, my way of walking through this life”. A Dylan song is therefore best
understood as an artistic rendering of an extremely intimate self-conversation”. I liked your comments on the song AIN'T TALKING, and this last comment..I agree each song is an extremely intimate self-conversation, but as he said in STREET LEGAL, an unheralded beauty of prayers, JOURNEY THROUGH FALSE HEAT.."I fought with my twin, that enemy within, 'til both of us fell by the way...then I fought (a bit of self-pity here) with your Boss, who never knew about loss"

lani makholm11-05-2021 14:03

Wow!! Very insightful & very well written... Geweldig! God bless you xx

Chloe Vierin16-12-2020 01:45

dag Kees,

je site met daarin ondermeer Dylan exegese ervaar ik als inspirerend.
ben daarnaast ook luisteraar van de VPRO Bobcast, en eerlijk gezegd hoop ik je in toekomstige aflevering te kunnen beluisteren.

daarnaast valt er natuurlijk op songs van zijn laatstverschenen Rough and Rowdy Ways weer heel wat exegese los te laten, en zie die met belangstelling tegemoet.

vriendeijke groet

Henk Demper

Henk Demper30-11-2020 11:05


Greetings from Canada. I appreciate your detailed and insightful analysis of Dylan's songs. I'm wondering if you ever plan to write an analysis of Blowin' in the Wind. 8-)

David30-08-2020 00:53

dignity --word for word has always suggested to me
dylans thoughts on john lennons death. first, the
melody is beatles-like. The many references to
an englishman are obvious links to lennon.
Englishman looking at his last meal...chapman, the
assassin is a fat boy. lennon thin. you may not
realize but the ny post pictured lennon shot--the
hollow man. It was just a few weeks before New Year's.
I think you should look again, and perhaps you will agree.

dan schwartz08-05-2020 17:11

Hallo Kees,

Ik weet niet of je je mij nog kunt herinneren, maar lang geleden heb ik van jou via Joop van de Graaf een map gekregen over Under the new sky van Dylan, welke ik nog steeds heb, en die mij mijn liefde voor Dylan en zijn teksten weer heeft doen oppakken, en waar ik nu elke dag nog naar luister (heb hem nu ook opstaan ), hoe laat dan ook nogmaals mijn dank daarvoor.
Ik moest direct aan je denken bij het aankondigen van zijn nieuwe album, we hebben nooit zoveel contact gehad, maar jou kennis is mij altijd bijgebleven. Dat wilde ik je nog even laten weten, ik dicht en ben creatief actief bezig, maar inspiratiebronnen zijn welkom.

Dank je nogmaals vo o r de Dylan trial.

Gr. Gerard

Gerard vanHeugten08-05-2020 15:49

Thanks a lot for your wonderful interpretations of Dylan!
I would highly appreciate your comments on “Not dark yet” ; in my view one of his best.

Willem03-04-2020 21:52

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