Sometimes it feels like Bob Dylan says: "I practice a faith that's long been abandoned, ain't no altars on this long and lonesome road"

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Making comparisons of Dylan lyrich to Christ's teachings is one thing; throwing in a bunch of doctrines along with it imposed by theological Councils is quite another.

Larry Fyffe01-03-2020 19:08

I always appreciate your perspective on things. Every time I read something of yours I tell my self I need to return and read more. Just your commentary on Trouble No More and Greil Marcus. You are correct, Mr. Marcus is wrong.
Best to you in 2020.
"ennyman" of Ennyman's Territory

Ed Newman01-01-2020 20:37

One version of 'Standing in the Doorway" goes:

I know the mercy of God must be near
I know I just can't win.....

Larry Fyffe11-03-2019 11:32

The over-riding of Dylan's figurative diction in his nongospel songs by fundamentalist literalism is scurrilous revisionism at its worse.

Larry Fyffe09-03-2019 15:37

Absolutely amazing synopsis of "Roll on John". Thank you!

Pete Steeves19-10-2018 04:15

the part 5,6 are missing in the analysis of "every grain of sand", pls check it.

tom17-08-2018 17:32

Sorry, that should be 'Mick'

Larry Fyffe05-07-2018 17:29

That Mike would proudly flaunt his complete ignorance of Edgar Allan Poe's Gnostic metaphysic is good example of what not to admit by anyone seeking to analyse Dylan's lyrics,

Larry Fyffe05-07-2018 17:27

I enjoyed your excellent interpretation of "It's alright, ma (I'm only bleeding)" after hearing an excerpt of the song on a recent TV episode of "Billions". But can you explain why the title does not appear in the lyrics? Instead Dylan writes "I'm only sighing" not "bleeding".

Thank you,
Paul K

Paul K23-05-2018 04:14


Bedankt voor de preek over MattheĆ¼s 20! Na het lezen begrijp ik meer wat Jezus bedoelt, vooral omdat je de context ook zo goed meeneemt. Ik kon niet anders, dan het eens zijn met je uitleg (ook na even kritisch te kijken;).

Nogmaals dankjewel.


simon20-02-2018 20:57

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