Sometimes it feels like Bob Dylan says: "I practice a faith that's long been abandoned, ain't no altars on this long and lonesome road"

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Nov. 26th 2011

Dear Mr. de Graaf,
I have read some of your commentaries on several songs of Bob Dylan and I have to say that I like your interpretations of Bob's lyrics very much.
I wonder what your professional background is.     Are you a music journalist? As I have seen you have also published some of your sermons on your homepage. It seems to me that you are a theologian or pastor.  Is that a correct assumption?
Please tell me your exact E-mail-address, so we could communicate. Speaking of me, I am a theologian working on a major scientific project on Bob Dylan.  I could point you to some books and articles that might be interesting to you.

Looking forward for your reply, I send you my best regards,
Hans-L. Seim

Hans-L. Seim 27-11-2011 00:00

can only speak and read english
am loving your studies of dylan songs
any chance of doing a few songs from "john wesley harding"?

in christ, hudson

hudson roper30-10-2011 08:58

I like 

Gert Jan van Groningen18-10-2011 04:33


Paul Robert Thomas30-09-2011 16:40

Now I know who the brainy one is, I'll keep lkoiong for your posts.

Kapri10-09-2011 09:58

In case you don't know, a few years ago I translated to French your Series Of Dream analysis:
hope you don't mind :)

Francois13-08-2011 11:51

Mooi man, we hebben een paar dezelfde 'passies'. Het evangelie van Jezus Christus is het beste nieuws dat er is en goede muziek is de muziek van Bob Dylan, of op muziek van Bob gebaseerde muziek, of muziek waarop hij zich baseerde. De rest is geen goede 

Gert Jan van Groningen26-06-2011 14:15

the verse , the gardener is gone seems to go well well with this ,  As Mary thinking it was the gardener  in John 20:15 Dylan say the gardener is gone . Yes He is gone and now this world is set for judgement. He will come back to judge all that reject His grace.

kim hill11-06-2011 15:04

I spent a year attending school abroad in Oxford, England in 1971 - 72. Before leaving in the spring, I bought a train pass and traveled up the west side of Great Britain to Glasgow and Inverness, then to the western coast to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and then the night train into London. I had appreciated the beauty I had found in the English landscape, seeing what order generations of manicuring hands could bring, but the father north I went, the more my heart soared as I watched the wild, beautiful landscape appear through the train window.  I have forgotten how thankful and at home I felt. People showed me great kindness in that week I explored Scotland on my own. Your analysis is tapping into that joy a 20 year old girl felt 40 years ago.
Please continue.

Linda Whiteside11-06-2011 12:12

I hope you are well!  I have always loved reading your material and have missed it for many years.  I am so glad to have found this web page!   
best,   Peter Hyatt   Maine, USA 

Peter Hyatt13-02-2011 21:47

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